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Hi – this is my first post – and it’s a curious feeling, writing something and pinging it out into the ether. In the past when I’ve written things – for newspapers, story anthologies and so on, I’ve more or less known who I was writing for – who the audience is. This feels different in so much as it is for everyone and no-one.

In the past it has never occurred to me to write a blog – or be on facebook or on twitter. I’m doing all those things now. It’s basically because I want to do the best I can for my novel – Song of the Sea God – which is due out in Summer 2012 through the independent publisher Skylight Press. I feel I owe it to the publishers, who have had faith in me and my work, to do the best I can to promote the book. But I also feel I owe it to the book. It’s a piece of work I believe in and which I think deserves to be read. I certainly don’t think that about everything I write!

As I say, I started taking part in these social media activities because I had a specific reason for doing so – but I am finding out that there are lots of spin off benefits. On facebook, for example, I’m chatting to people I haven’t spoken to in years – old friends who I lost touch with because that’s what happens in life but who it’s a great pleasure to catch up with again. I’m also meeting new people – there and on twitter, who are writers, or who care about writing, and that’s a great pleasure too.

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  1. Hi Chris, nice to see you here in cyberspace 🙂 I hope you find it rewarding and useful. I ramped up my blogging and Facebook links etc when my book was due out too. It does help. You may also want to consider a simple website or blog for the book itself. I did http://www.bynamesandimages.com – it’s simple, cheap and gives previews, reviews and quick links for purchase. You can’t really send / post simple URLs of Amazon etc links to buy easily. So a web with one click links works well.

    Anyway, a quick question if you do not mind – why did you change the title from ‘The Longing’ to ‘Song of the Sea God’? Thanks 🙂

    1. The publisher asked me to come up with a new title. Thought the old one sounded too much like a trashy romantic fiction novel – pointed out that there were indeed trashy romantic fiction novels with that title in print already! I was more than happy to take the advice and come up with a new title – that’s what editors are for after all.

  2. Am glad that there are more up and coming authors out there willing to share their work with us. Think social media is a great thing for that. Good luck with your book Chris.

  3. Saw your mention of this in Absolute Write and had to visit. Novel sounds fascinating and congrats on your short story listing. (When you have time, do a little customizing – or would that be customising? – of your WordPress site. The subtitle “Just another WordPress.com site” is one example of what you might want to change. And, remember, you can always include descriptive text in the banner photo you use and just omit the WordPress generated header. Best of luck!

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