What’s in a name?

I’ve been having a discussion recently with friends on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100003664421822 about what I should call myself on my book cover. A lot of the other authors whose books are published by Skylight Press have remarkable and eyecatching names whereas Chris Hill is, not to put too finer point on it, a bit dull.

Should I jazz things up a bit? Come up with a strange and wonderful nom de plume which will get me noticed? The facebook crew had plenty of suggestions – everything from customizing what I’ve got in a kind of ‘pimp my name’ style to junking my current, and given, moniker and coming up with something altogether exotic instead.

While thinking it through I stuck my name in Google to see what would come up. Have you ever done that?

It turns out there’s a whole world of me out there. There’s a Chris Hill for all occasions. I’m a soul DJ and a vintage car hire specialist, a basketball player and a Pentecostal Preacher from Denver Colorado.

I play the double bass for Jamie Cullum, I play Rugby League for Leigh Centurions. I’m white Chris Hills and black Chris Hills and young ones and older ones. There seem to be as many female Chris Hills out there as male ones – an actress from Belfast, a head-mistress from Bristol. I’m photographers and engineers and university professors.

There’s a whole world of Chris Hills – which would seem like another good reason for changing my name to something more distinctive.

But despite all that I’ve decided to stick with what I’ve got and have Chris Hill on my book cover.

I would rather like to add an author to the world of Chris Hills who are out there already – to make my mark in what is admittedly, already a crowded field. I reackon there’s room for one more.

The other reason I have for sticking with the name Chris Hill for my book cover is because it’s mine. It might not be very exciting, but it’s me. And if you are going to have a book published then, in the end, you want your own name on the cover.

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