My favourite word

What’s my favourite word? I know I asked you that question – but it’s a tough one to answer.

They’re all good aren’t they – words? I mean there’s none of them which hasn’t got its place

If pressed though I would go with pandemonium. Well, today anyway. It’s a real carnival of a word that one – for me it conjures up rowdiness and chaos, but in a cartoonish way – like a circus ring full of clowns.

It has a curious derivation. The word was made up by John Milton for use in Paradise Lost. He created it by clicking together a couple of pieces of ancient Greek – like Lego bricks.

Literally it means ‘all the demons’ which gives it a darker feel than the one it has today where the sound it makes when it comes out of your mouth has trumped its original diabolical intentions.

So there’s mine – now let’s have some of yours?

2 thoughts on “My favourite word”

  1. I like the word Bliss because I like the way it feels on the tongue and also because if bliss made a sound it would sound like that. For similar reasons I dislike the word cake, it feels horrible to say, like the sound you would make if you were eating a very dry cake and inhaled a little bit.
    Yes, I am strange. I have come to terms with it.

    1. I have issues with the word cake too – because I’ve got a northern English accent and it’s one of the words people don’t understand when I say it! Similarly coat and boat. Bliss is one of those S-laden words which I love too – I understand some speakers of other languages find English too hissy because of all the S sounds we use.

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