Does your book have a soundtrack?

Here’s another music related issue which is important to me as a writer – the soundtrack to whatever I’m writing.

If I write a book – and I’ve written three – there’s a soundtrack which goes with it.

I mean a running order of songs – I’ve worked it out, written it down, changed the order – refined it until I’m happy with it. Is this geeky? I’m worried this might be coming off a bit geeky.

Anyway – I do it for a reason, so don’t judge me. I do it because it gives me a feel of what the book’s about. It’s another creative direction you can take your story in. A way of opening another window into the world you’re creating. It’s fun too of course – and a new way of approaching music – not simply ‘Do I like this or not?’ but ‘Does this fit? Is this right?’

The soundtrack could be made up of songs the characters might like or listen to – but it’s also likely to be about creating a mood – a feel. If the book could tell its story in sound then this is what it would say.

I don’t necessarily listen to the play list when I’m writing the book – it’s more a companion to the finished article – something a reader could listen to.

Song of the Sea God has its soundtrack of course – and maybe once the book’s out there, and enough people have read it to make it worthwhile, I might publish the soundtrack on the blog for people to alter and add to.

12 thoughts on “Does your book have a soundtrack?”

  1. Very interesting. My first novel, ‘Chasing the Wind,’ which is due out in about a month on kindle, is set in the folk scene at the end of the sixties. While I was writing it I listened to a lot of folk music because it set the scene for me in my head. I don’t write my own music but I agree that music is a way of opening a window into the world we’re creating. Interesting blog. Thank you.

  2. My novel, Going Underground, has a definite soundtrack. It has musically themed chapters that reflect what’s going on either lyrically or in tone, which I think adds an extra dimension. Saying that, it is set in the Mod scene which is all about the music anyway… x

  3. Glad I found this post! I’m a final year student studying Popular Music with Music Technology. I’ll be researching music and literature and how they might be combined for my dissertation, not sure exactly what aspect of the combination yet though. I’ll also be looking to compose a soundtrack to accompany some literature for my creative project and am currently on the search for someone to work with who would be interested in having a soundtrack produced for their work.

    Most people I speak to say they can’t read and listen to music at the same time, but I’m suggesting that the music be scored in a particular way so as to not interrupt the reading process and to enhance the experience as a whole. Hopefully my research will provide some answers regarding sounds and reading and their compatibility.

    Please feel free to get in touch with me regard this matter, I welcome any further discussion anyone may have on the topic.


    1. Thanks Karl – I’m glad it was of use to you – personally I’ve never had any trouble reading and listening to music at the same time, but writing can be a different matter – depends on what the music is.

      1. Please let me know if you, or anyone you know, have any work that you might consider putting a soundtrack to. I need to find some work in the next couple of weeks to set my project in motion.

        Many thanks,


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