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Today I’m delighted to be able to introduce author Gil Brailey to my blog to tell us about herself, her writing and her new book Deathloop. Thanks to Gil for a fascinating post.

DEATHLOOP by G. Brailey Currently only on Kindle

Hi Chris, thanks for inviting me to your blog.

I live in North London, but I am also fortunate enough to have a seaside flat in Hastings, East Sussex, where I sit by the window and watch the sea. For many years I acted, including work at The National Theatre, a lot of TV etc. I went to Los Angeles in the late nineties to take courses on screen writing, all this plus being a single mum to my two children, Josh and Chloe, grown up now.

I started off writing Peak Practice, then went on to write Casualty, EastEnders, Heartbeat, Harbour Lights, London’s Burning etc and many commissioned original programmes that didn’t make it to the screen. I won an award at the Soho Theatre for a new play – Future Perfect. I also wrote the film Grandma Madge’s Madonna which starred Imelda Staunton and Johnny Vegas. Currently I have two films in development although we don’t talk about them because they always have a habit of collapsing when you do!

DEATHLOOP is my first novel. Originally I wrote it as a film script but then decided to write it as a book. It has taken me much longer than it should have done. I wanted to write something with some depth, about the mysteries of life, but something modern, so many spooky tales seem to hark back to older times, I wanted to write something contemporary.

I have been told the story grabs you, which I am heartened to hear. When you write film scripts you have to grab the reader very early – and so I tried to do that with the book, setting up a flash forward, then going back to the day before although some people are confused by this. I tried to write very dense, complex characters who surprise the reader, and fortunately it seems to have worked. Personally I don’t like being able to predict the outcome of events when I read a story, I like revelations and twists.

The main character, Zack Fortune, reluctantly takes part in past life regression and is so freaked by what he sees when he drops into a past life he cuts the session short. From that moment on his life goes into free-fall when he keeps being confronted by dying strangers who seem to know him, and who insist he helps them before they die.

I have had one bad review on Goodreads which is very comprehensive and well thought out. The lady is from the US and I suspect a lot of the cultural references I make lost her, but curiously when I tweeted her comments, I got more sales! Maybe readers are rather sick of the superlatives on twitter.

I now have 11/5 star reviews and 3/4 stars but a warning – I have been told that my book is not an easy read, the words people have mentioned in reviews are: challenging, original, well written, gripping, a cult book (!) enthralling… all of which I am delighted about, but I will leave you with the comments from the lady in the US who said this: “too much sexual stuff, too much psychological stuff, too much physiological stuff (whatever that is?) TOO MUCH STUFF.” Maybe she’s right!

If anyone would like to contact me to discuss my book, or just to log in, please do so on I would be happy to hear from you. I am writing a basic book on screen writing and I am putting notes on the web page, so if anyone is interested, please visit, I will always get back to anyone who contacts me.

As a ps, my book is currently 77 pence, but on July 25/26 it will be free for two days. If you download and you like what you have read I would appreciate your writing a review, it helps enormously.

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