Song of the Sea God is available to buy!

Not a very long post this one – more in the nature of an announcement really. I just wanted to say that my novel Song of the Sea God is now officially available for those who might wish to buy it.

It’s on sale through Amazon here.

Through Waterstones online here.

And lots of other places online – also, of course, you can order it from any bookshop, though they won’t necessarily have it in stock they will be able to get hold of it easily.

It goes without saying how chuffed I am to have the book on sale. It takes a long time to write a book – well it does for me anyway – a good couple of years, roughly one for a first draft then a second for rewriting it into something I am happy with. It’s also a long process searching for a publisher to work with, and one which is not for the faint hearted. I consider myself very fortunate to have found Skylight Press who are a joy to work with and clearly care very much about the books they produce. You can buy Song of the Sea God directly from their website too by the way.

A big moment for me will be holding a copy of the book in my hands – my copies haven’t arrived yet. I guess that’s a thrill for any author, it certainly will be for me.

A quick description of the plot of Song of the Sea God, what Americans call an elevator pitch, is that it’s a book about a stranger who comes to a small island off the north of England and tries to convince the local people he’s a god. In a wider sense it’s a story about faith, about religion and what it means to us. Oh, and there are jokes too.

Thanks in advance to those who do take a punt and buy a copy – I hope you will find it worth your while, thought-provoking, challenging even. I hope there are things in there that you want to discuss – and that you come here to do it!

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