Great interview here about my writing and about Song of the Sea God – it was great to talk in detail about my work and the themes of the book with a fellow author who has read and enjoyed it!

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    1. Ah – my publisher doesn’t do Nook I’m afraid – Kindle and good old fashioned paperback, which is what I favour! Do Nooks not read Kindle then? I’m a little baffled by the technology!

  1. I am also looking forward to reading it, but I’ve promised myself I will read my current stock of books before buying any more. It’s next on my list, though, Chris, and I will buy the real, solid 100% genuine paperback book 🙂

    1. thanks Val! I’m still an old school book person really I suppose – even though I make bigger royalties if people buy the kindle version. since I’m not in danger of getting rich either way I like to see the book sell.

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