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Today it’s my pleasure to welcome Lisa Fender, fellow author and long-term friend of this blog. Lisa is currently launching a new book which she wrote with her sister and has come to tell us about it – and a little about herself. Thanks for visiting Lisa!

DSCF1119Tell me a little bit about yourself as a person?

First of all, thanks for having me on your blog, Chris. I have enjoyed reading your blog whenever I get your new posts in my inbox. I’m glad we’ve hooked up as cyber friends and I really enjoyed your book!

Now, a little about me. Well, I probably could write a soap opera about my life, but the important stuff is, I’m married to the most awesomely supportive man on the planet. I get to stay home and write and not have to wait tables anymore, (which by the way, is a major plus!). I have two grown children, Travis and Brandie, and Brandie has given me two beautiful grandkids which I cherish with every part of my being. I love to go hiking in the Rockies every chance I get, and my other favorite pass time is going to the Hot Springs pool in Buena Vista, Colorado. Living in the state of Colorado has a lot of advantages. You can drive 20 minutes into the mountains, and if feels like your on vacation. there’s lots to see and do.

Tell me about your journey as a writer – how you started and how you have developed?

I started, as a little kid, reading anything I could get my hands on. I love to read. When I was in grade school, I wrote poetry and short stories. Not that I was any good at it, but I enjoyed doing it. From the time I can remember i always said I wanted to write a book, but there was so much always going on in my life that I let the time slip by. I would still do some journal writing, but that was for myself. Once the kids grew up I finally had a chance to do the things I wanted to do. I got laid-off from my job in 2009, along with half the country, and I decided to take advantage of my extra time. I knew this was it, my chance. I sat down and came up with this world, Djenrye. I wrote it all out on a slip of paper, including a little (awful depiction) design of what you see on my front cover, the Orteh, Tecton.

My sister, Toni, came over that evening and I told her about my idea and she loved it! I wanted to stay away from the ‘A’ typical fantasy writing, such as Vampires, Werewolves, and the like, so I thought I would do a take-off of the Jinni. Not the Genie in the bottle, but a race of beings living in another dimension, parallel to ours. I had asked her how I should spell Djenrye, with a G or a J. She’s the one that came up with the Dj, since it is about the Jinn. But mine are spelled the Djen.

After that, I wrote the rough draft in about 3 months. I sat back and read it and realized I needed a lot of help. Something was wrong. Not realizing at the time that the whole manuscript was “telling, not showing”, I ended up hiring a writing coach. After working privately with her for 9 months and then joining in on her Meet-up group, I finally saw my book turning into a novel. I had asked my sister to work with me on editing. When she did, the two of us found we were learning creative writing together and really enjoyed it. I asked her to be my co-author and the rest as they say, is history! We love writing the book(s) together, and are now working on a novella, which one will be in between each novel. The novella’s go into the history of the world and the different races there.

How would you describe your work – it‘s themes and the important things about it?

I guess I would say that the main theme is about taking care of our planet. I decided that my main character would be a strong female, who doesn’t know it yet, who’s whole life has been revolved around endangered animals and Green Peace type organizations. She finds out that she’s a part of Djenrye and that’s why she has always been drawn to saving the planet. That is the purpose of the Djen, taking care of the 5 orbs (Orteh’s in the Djen language) which keep the planet in balance. I have also created a language for the Djen, and will for the Androne Elves as well. That’s a challenge all by itself!

COVER 6_FRONTTell me about your current book – what is it about and what makes it a great read?

It is fast paced, action, very imaginative, fun, a journey and a quest, and of course, Stevie and her friends lives are in danger from a group called the Rebellion. Stevie even falls in love. Stevie grows up by the end of the first book, and accepts that she has to go into this world in order to save the one she grew up in. so far everyone who has read the story tells me they really enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next book!

Where can I buy a copy of your book?

You can purchase Fable – Book 1 of The Lorn Prophecy on Amazon. The link is :

I hope you take a chance and purchase a copy. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

My other links are:


And I understand you are having a prize draw for people who comment on this post?

Be sure to leave a comment and you will be entered into a drawing for a copy of my book and a 10.00 gift card for Starbucks. If there’s no Starbucks in your area, we can talk about something else, like maybe a Visa gift card! The winner will be announced by me in the comments of this post.

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  1. Thanks for having me as a guest on your blog, Chris! This is a very exciting time for me, something I have dreamed of doing since I was a child. Your support is appreciated and I hope you give Fable a read! I look forward to hearing if you liked it.

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