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9781910094167-front-lores2Great news for me this week – the publisher sent me the cover for my new book The Pick-Up Artist which will be published on Valentine’s Day February 14th and can already be ordered online on the website of publisher Magic Oxygen click here.

I was delighted to see the cover, it’s a great moment for any author I think – suddenly your book, which has previously been an idea and some words on a laptop, seems real. It has an identity, an image to go with the words.

What d’you think? I was delighted with it, not only because I think it looks eye-catching and stylish in its own right but because it answers the requirements I had for it, which I discussed with the publishers when we talked over ideas for the design.

It was important to me that The Pick-Up Artist had the sort of cover which would make it clear to people what kind of a book it was. It needed to have a kind of design language if you like, placing it with others of its type.

My previous book Song of the Sea God had the same thing going for it I think. It has a fantastic, brooding photograph of the sea-shore at Walney Island where I grew up, which was taken by a photographer friend of mine and is the kind of dramatic photo which you often find on the cover of literary fiction novels.

9781910094167-full-lores2But my new book is not that type of novel, it’s more of a rom-com – light-hearted, contemporary, bit rude maybe, fun. I was looking at the covers of books by people like David Nicholls, Mike Gayle, Tony Parsons, Mil Millington. They didn’t really do photography very much. What they had in common was strong, simple graphic design, without too many colours but with a sense of style. I sent a bunch of examples off to Magic Oxygen and basically said – could you make it like that?

And it turns out that they could make it like that! We went through several versions of course, that’s how it works, and then a number of tweaks to this version. But I’m delighted with the result because it says just what I hoped it would.

And people seem to like it too – so far it’s been described as fun and cool and stylish. Plus people have suggested it takes its design cues from the 1960s – the sort of imagery used in the credits to films like The Pink Panther. Which is ideal because that too reflects the book in a way. Though The Pick-Up Artist is firmly set in the modern day there’s a certain innocence to it I think, and I like to think that, in harking back to simpler times, the publishers reflected that in the cover design. Often the music I listened to as I was writing the book came from just this 1960s period.

The feel of a book is such an important thing I think, and the cover establishes that before you even turn to the first page, so thanks to Magic Oxygen for their great work!

Do you think the cover of a book is important? Do you look at the cover before you buy? Let me know in the comments.

puaad01If you want to find a little more about The Pick-Up Artist there’s a blurb describing the plot on the publisher’s website.

And you can pre-order a copy too! Just click here to find out more.

6 thoughts on “A book cover for The Pick-Up Artist”

  1. Love the cover and your new site! Yes, covers are important. That is exactly why I am in the process of changing my cover on Crossing The Line. The current one doesn’t ‘speak’ to me!

    1. That’s interesting about changing covers – books do that a lot don’t they, at least those which are around for a śpell and go through different editions. I wonder if people feel differently about the book because it has a different cover?

    1. Many thanks Michael – very kind of you! Not sure what you mean about the monkey but if you find him give him a banana from me!

  2. Congratulations on the new book and cover. I only know of you from social media sites and I confess I have not read any of you work (just yet). But I do want to thank you for your guidance and tips for newcomers like me. You’ve been a great support. Best of luck.

    1. Thanks Eoghan, that’s very kind of you to say. I think social media, and indeed writing, is all about sharing, It’s great to be able to share info and experiences and there’s more chance to do that these days than ever before. I wish you luck with your own writing!

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