Ten tips to get thousands of Twitter followers, for free!

twitterOne of the most common questions people ask me on Twitter is ‘how come you have so many followers?’ I have around 20,000 @ChilledCH and I thought it would be easiest if I had somewhere to direct people for my top ten tips on the subject.
I have done earlier posts on twitter if this leaves you wanting more.
Please do avoid the ‘buy 5000 followers’ scams – there’s no value to the empty robot accounts they pedal and I don’t believe the people who buy these fake numbers really fool anybody very much. You know who you are – hang your heads in shame!


1. Decide what you want and why.
Do you really need a big Twitter following? Some people say it’s harder to manage if you have lots of followers – they claim it’s better to have fewer and that their followers are in some way ‘better quality.’ If you are a social user who just wants to talk to a manageable group of online friends then a big following might not be the way to go for you. It really doesn’t matter to me whichever way you decide to go – good luck to you!

2. Use lists.
If you are worried about number one but still feel you need lots of followers use lists to separate them into groups so you can keep in touch with them more easily.

3. Sort out your image
Use a picture of your face on your profile, people follow people. And make sure the description you give of yourself lets people know clearly what your interests are – this will be what they use to decide whether to follow you.

4. Follow lots of people
This is key – people are unlikely to come looking for you in their droves unless you are a celebrity. In fact, if you are a celebrity you don’t really need these tips. Otherwise – follow lots of people and some will follow you back.

5. Follow back
If you follow people back straight away they will stick with you. So many people who come to me for Twitter tips want lots of followers but do not want to follow anybody. I don’t see the point in this – except for appearances. I could probably unfollow most of the people who follow me without them unfollowing me in return – I know big Twitter users who have done this. But what would I really gain from this? Twitter should be mutual sharing of information I feel.

6. Unfollow those who don’t follow you
This isn’t vindictive – it’s necessary. Once you follow 2000 people, Twitter won’t let you follow any more unless you have a similar number of followers – so you must get rid of some of these if you want to grow.

7. Use tools
There are free tools to help you manage your account – including finding and dropping people who do not follow you back. Try Unfollowme and Just unfollow.

8. Don’t just talk about yourself
If you want a big following you might have something to promote – I’m a writer with a book out and another on the way, and that’s why I feel the need to reach out to as many people as possible. But if you plug links to your book all the time or go on about your supposed achievements etc then people will soon tire of you. Find other things to talk about too! Join in conversations – talk about what other people want to discuss!

9. Be generous
Retweet other people – I do this a lot. Sometimes I just do it, other times I ask people to let me know if they would like an RT and then retweet them. Though I gain nothing from this on the face of it I do feel it’s good for my online reputation and that the people who I help out in this small way are more inclined to help me back.

10. Have fun
Twitter changes in character when you have thousands of followers – it’s not the same small social club or clique that you have if you only have a hundred followers – but it’s still fun. You don’t know who you are going to be talking to next, where they will be from, what their interests will be. It’s like being in a huge worldwide party – and you have to be open to that and ready to find common ground with all types of people.

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10 thoughts on “Ten tips to get thousands of Twitter followers, for free!”

  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for this post. This is one social media site I don’t get. I have struggled with Twitter. I understand the basic gist, just not the hashtags too much. What’s your advice with those?

  2. Hi Lisa! I think people worry about hashtags a little too much – you can safely ignore them for the most part. I use them sometimes to join in larger groups or conversations, they have their place.

  3. Good post! I do think it is possible to retweet too much, however. Some authors seem to participate in some sort of retweet exchange or robo-retweeting system – many RTs per hour. It drowns out whatever they themselves have to say along with everyone else. They go immediately into a list I’ll never read, even if I don’t unfollow them.

    1. Thanks Larry – I think doing anything which comes across as too spammy is a mistake, including endlessly retweeting lists of other twitter names, endlessly sending Amazon links to your own book etc. If you are annoying people they will unfollow you. If you have a lot of users you are bound to get some unfollows over time but there’s no sense in chasing people away! 🙂

  4. Trouble is, when you follow back everyone, your twitter feed becomes so full of crap that you want to do away with those who are only in it for the follow back. Because they want to sell you something. It’s one-way, automated, and utterly pointless. Not social at all. Those with 5k+ followers never even see my tweets. They don’t engage. I’m changing tack, and pruning the people I follow. Yes of course they’re dropping me too, the second I unfollow. That sums up how valuable our relationship is – non-existent. So, slowly but surely, I’m going to whittle it down to those who communicate. Would you believe, 20 guinea pigs give me more interaction than 2500 writers? Nuff said. The followback thing is a waste of time in my opinion. Especially if you actually want to enjoy using twitter. Although, I have met some interesting people too – I guess it’s just about being selective.

    1. Yes, people all have their own views on what works Susie, which is why I say – each to their own, there’s no one size fits all. But I would say, regarding the Twitter feed issue – just make a private list of people you particularly want to follow and that’s that problem dealt with. There are advantages to having a large following reputationally and otherwise, but it’s by no means the be all and end all 🙂

      1. I do have a list, but I have to dig around in my saved links to find my list, while my instinct is always to refresh the home page. 🙂 I’m working on the home page being more enjoyable, as well as the list.

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