The Pick-Up Artist – what’s it all about?

9781910094167-front-lores2It’s only a week until the launch of my next novel The Pick-Up Artist, so I thought I’d better write a little on what the book is about and what my intentions were in writing it.

It should be quite easy to say what your book is about but I find it surprisingly tough.

I can do the ‘elevator pitch’ of course. The Pick-Up Artist is a romantic comedy about a young man’s inept attempt to find love using the PUA system which claims to use psychological techniques to attract women.

And I can of course summarise the plot, though my publisher Magic Oxygen has already kindly done that for me in the blurb on their website click here.

To me though, none of that really gets to the heart of what the book is ‘about’, what its intentions are for the reader.

I suppose my main intention with this book was that I wanted to entertain and make people laugh, those items were pretty high up the agenda. Higher for me with this book than they were for say Kafka when he wrote The Trail, or Dostoyevsky when he was knocking out Crime and Punishment. I don’t suppose either of those two literary heavyweights paused to wonder whether they could cram another knob gag into chapter three.

Secondly I suppose The Pick-Up Artist is a book about men and women, and their relationships with each other, the way that is now, a kind of snapshot of the way people interact with each other at a particular place and in a particular time.

I can also say what the book is not. It is not some sort if handbook for the (in my view) misguided pick-up artist movement which claims to persuade women into bed. I find the PUA thing laughable and a bit creepy.

It’s also a book about strong women, big characters, funny and loud and rude. I like the women in the book a lot, though I wouldn’t want to be locked in a room with some of them.

And finally, I suppose it’s a book about love and how that works. Which is a fine thing to be writing a book about I think, a worthwhile thing at a time when so much fiction seems to be written about hate.

9781910094167-full-lores2If you want to find a little more about my new book The Pick-Up Artist there’s a blurb describing the plot on the publisher’s website.

And you can pre-order a copy too! Just click here to find out more.

6 thoughts on “The Pick-Up Artist – what’s it all about?”

  1. Your new book appears to be quite different to ‘The Song Of The Sea God’ which I loved, but I look forward to reading it just the same, as I suspect the characters will be just as interesting.
    Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday!

    1. Thanks Anita – it is different you are right, but it has a number of things in common and I think that strong, interesting characters is one of them. To me that has got to be at the heart of any book, along with plot and the general feel or mood of the thing. I hope and trust you won’t be disappointed – but time wil tell 😉

  2. Chris. First congratulations! This is a huge accomplishment. It is funny to note that people often see our books as something other than what we intended. I suppose that is why author interviews are still a draw. I am looking forward to reading The Pick-Up Artist and hopefully to doing another interview with you on my blog. Again, congrats! Lynn

    1. I would love to be on your blog of course Lynn – I look forward to it. I think it might be interesting with American readers ax it has quite British language. Mind you, my last book did too so I think people get it well enough in context 🙂

  3. I’m looking forward to having the time to read your new book, Chris. It sounds both light-hearted and meaty, which would appeal to me. Good luck with the launch and when I’m back in the internet world again next month, I’ll invite you to my blog too. Maybe that would be a nice way to start after my rather prolonged absence 🙂

    1. That would be fantastic Val – I’m sure I’m not the only one who has missed your cheery online presence, but I’m sure it will all be worth it when you receive the fruits of your academic labours!

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