Launch day for The Pick-Up Artist

9781910094167-front-lores2So it’s launch day for my new book The Pick-Up Artist!

*Crowd cheers, tinsel and balloons fall from ceiling, champagne corks pop.*

Should you wish to, you can now buy my book on Amazon in the UK here. And Amazon in the USA here. Don’t all rush at once now!

Around the time this is published I’ll be heading down the motorway to the south coast of the UK to the lovely seaside town of Lyme Regis to attend a book launch event at the Lyme Regis literary festival. All things being equal I will tell you how that went and share some pics next week.

But, for now, I’d like to say a little about how it feels to have my second book out on the shelves.

First, and fairly obviously, it’s exciting. It’s a feeling I hope will never grow old. It takes a long while to write a book, especially if you want to make it a good one, and I invariably do. There’s a lot of effort and thought and sitting in your room tapping on a keyboard while all the cool kids are outside playing football.

There’s a sense of achievement that you even got the damn thing finished.
Then, on top of that, finding a publisher is tough. I mean, try it. Many of you probably have, so you’ll know what I mean.

So, excitement, a sense of achievement – but also, a little anxiety.
What’s it like this feeling? Starting work in a new office, waving your child goodbye at the school gates on the first day. It’s a feeling of hoping for the best but not really knowing what to expect.

On the face of it, The Pick-Up Artist is quite commercial, much more so than my last book Song of the Sea God which was literary and fairly dark – like a spooky fairytale, though not without its share of jokes.

This one is a rom-com about a young man’s inept attempt to attract women with the advice of a web community called The Pick-Up Artists, who use psychological techniques to help their members appeal to the opposite sex. It’s an easy read, jokey, slangy – the sort of thing I am hoping people might take away with them on holiday this summer.

But commercial is just a label and doesn’t necessarily mean anyone will read it. Only time will tell.

Then there’s the issue of how it will be received. I know what I think I said in there but really, the reader decides what a book is about, what it means to them, whether it works. So I will find out when they tell me.

On top of all these other emotions is the feeling that I need to do my best for the book, to promote it and give it a chance to find it’s place in the world. I need to give it the best chance I can to reach a readership who love it.

What I’d ask of you is something simple – take a look at it, see if it might be your sort of thing. And, if you do read it please write a review. And if you happen to enjoy it – tell your friends. All a little book like this, released on a small press, ever has going for it is word of mouth. That’s it – first and last – the power the readers who have enjoyed it possess to convey that enjoyment to others.

On the face of it that doesn’t seem like much – but sometimes word of mouth can be a surprisingly powerful thing.
pua1If you wish to take a look at the book on Amazon, and who knows, become one of the very first people in the world to own a copy, then why not click here and give it a go!


6 thoughts on “Launch day for The Pick-Up Artist”

  1. Good luck, Chris! Have a wonderful day. I’m looking forward to having the time to glut myself with reading instead of just a couple of pages before I go to sleep…that’s about one book every two months at the current rate. Yours will be on my list as soon as I have that time!!

      1. Thanks Chris, yeah it’s going lol! I’m about 3/4 through my WIP. Just finished chapter 30. Anyway, I just thought I would let you know I got your book in the mail yesterday! I’m almost finished reading another book, and your’s is next. Can’t wait!

        1. Great Lisa – hope you enjoy it. It’s a very different book from the last one. Lighter and more comic essentially and also more set in the real world – I would be fascinated to hear what you think.

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