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11200622_689828944482580_7587460682993935397_nA reader who recently bought and enjoyed The Pick-Up Artist was asking me on social media whether I mind her passing the book on to a friend.

Well, of course, it’s not my place to mind, that copy of the book is her property not mine, but the answer anyway is – of course I don’t mind, in fact I’m delighted!

I was even more pleased when she got back to me to say her friend had enjoyed reading it:

“Yesterday he told me he’d finished it and really liked it. Usually he finds that books fail to grab him in the first few pages but this one really did.”

Yay! My only hope is that he will pass it on in turn and someone else will enjoy reading it.

I don’t get paid more if several people read the same copy of my book but the reality is I don’t get paid much for writing anyway and I would far rather people read my work than not. I’ve gone on record here before saying I don’t like giving copies of my books away for free but this is very different.

What I don’t like is being asked to hand over my book for nothing to people. This goes either for the Kindle version which some authors give away in an effort to stimulate sales, pinging out downloads to hundreds of people, many of whom probably don‘t even bother to look at it. And I’m also not keen on the idea of giving a copy of the print version to the random acquaintances who seem to assume they are due a free one just for asking. I don’t give my books away because it suggests my work is worthless. And it is not worthless.

But if someone has a copy of one of my books it’s their call what they do with it and there are two choices after they have finished reading it. Either it can sit on a book shelf gathering dust or it can be read again by someone else who almost certainly wouldn’t have found it on their own. it’s a no brainer in my view.

So if you have one of my books around the place and have no further use for it then please do give it to a friend or to a charity book shop. Books, after all, come alive when people read them.
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    1. I think so too Val. I wonder whether that remains the case for rich and successful authors? Perhaps I will never know 😉

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