Why is it called The Pick-Up Artist?

9781910094167-front-lores2Why did I choose to call my book The Pick-Up Artist? It has the potential to be controversial after all and has been associated with all kinds of negative emotions. And who wants that for their book? It also has the potential to be misunderstood.

For those who don’t know, the pick-up artist movement is a real thing and can be pretty misogynist. Adherents claim to be able to attract women using psychological techniques. So you could say it’s essentially about conning women into doing things they don’t choose to do. Morally dubious at best.

With that title my book is up there on the electronic shelves on Amazon with other books with similar titles which are basically guidebooks on how to become a pick-up artist or diaries of supposedly successful pick-up artists.

Yet my book isn’t one of those. Let’s be clear – it’s a novel not a political diatribe and it’s light and funny, not heavy and dogmatic. But I believe its basic take-away message is about respecting women and indeed people in general.

It’s a book about a weak man and some strong women and hopefully it shows that man growing up and learning to value women.

So what if, while it’s up there surrounded by the other kind of pick-up artist books, the kind which aim to teach young men how to cheat and con women, it’s picked up by accident by some young man who buys it thinking it’s going to be some kind of ‘how to’ guide?

Well I’d say – good! That’s partly what I’m hoping for. Because there’s really not much point in preaching to the converted is there?

So, instead of getting the quite cold and brutal stuff you find in these guides the guy who stumbles across my book gets a warm, comic novel which values women. And who knows, that might, in some small way, influence his world view. That’s my hope anyway.

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‘Loved this book, a bloke’s view of the dating game, made me laugh out loud.’

4 thoughts on “Why is it called The Pick-Up Artist?”

    1. Thanks Val – I’m sure most of us authors set out to entertain first of all, but there’s always a point at which your worldview comes through as well I guess.

  1. I think it’s great that you are using it in the – currently – unconventional meaning. It’s always interesting to see how words and expressions can have their definitions changed by the political climate in which they are used and how authors can play with these new semantic structures to bring a new perspective to the fore.

    1. Thanks Jo – I think it’s part of the job of authors to challenge things but I also think you have to do that in a subtle way and make it part of the package, otherwise you’re not going to be able to bring anyone along with you. I’m certainly not a big message kind of writer but I do hope my sensibilities and world views come through in what I write.

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