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It’s always a delight to welcome fellow authors to my blog – this week. here’s a quick chat with writer Marie Godley about her work.

Marie GodleyTell me a little bit about yourself as a person?
Married with two teenagers, one of them is about to leave us for university so life is a bit crazy at the moment. Always loved reading and when I left school to work in a library at 17, I was in heaven.

Tell me about your journey as a writer – how you started and how you have developed?
My daughter was told for her tests in school she had to write a story in 45 mins, and her teacher said it was hard. I thought it sounded horrendous. I had an idea for a story about a bear so I thought I’d see how I’d get on if I tried to write it using that time rule. The Special Christmas Bear was born in that 45 mins and eventually published.

How would you describe your work – it‘s themes and the important things about it?
My stories, whatever the age group, are always fantasy based. They may have some factual information woven into them, like Time Slide, but this is researched and a backdrop for the story. Of importance to me is that the stories are a clean read that can be read by anyone. That means the children’s books have no violence in them, and the young adult story has no swearing, no sex and minimal violence. It doesn’t mean there isn’t death, fighting or romance – just that it’s not described in gory detail.

Janalya coverTell me about your current book – what is it about and what makes it a great read?
It’s about an air elemental on a journey to find others of her kind and a shape shifting panther. They, according to everyone else, are supposed to be enemies, but from the first meeting they are more interested in getting to know each other than fighting.

Tell me about your journey to publication, who is your publisher or did you decide to self-publish and why?
I’m self publishing this book. I did try to go the traditional route, and although a couple of people had some good things to say, especially about the story line and it was nearly taken on by a couple of publishers, nobody signed it. Having resigned myself to leaving it, whilst working on another story, I suddenly realised that I had nothing to lose by publishing it myself.

Where can I buy a copy of your book?
Here are the links to Amazon – it’s out on 22nd August on kindle – paperback will be out later in the year.

Amazon UK

Amazon USA
Where can we find out more about you?






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