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Sydney on New Year’s Eve. Photo by: Ashish Lohorung

I don’t tend to make New Year’s resolutions as a rule. For the usual reason that I tend not to keep them beyond about the third week in January. In fact, for the most part, I suspect that making a resolution in public is a good way to ensure it is doomed.

I read an article somewhere which suggested that psychologically you are more likely to achieve aims you keep private. The theory is that by expressing your intention to other people you assuage your need to achieve it to an extent and so weaken your resolve. So scientifically, making a public resolution is probably something of a schoolboy error.

I reckon I’m safe with my writing resolutions though as they are basically just what I would be doing anyway rather than a great sea change in my behaviour.

So my resolution for 2016 is to write more but blog a little less.

I feel the need to get cracking on a new book. My latest one The Pick-Up Artist came out in 2015 but it takes me more or less two years to get a novel written, soup to nuts, so the sooner I start the sooner I can start picking up rejection slips on the road to finding a publisher for whatever I find I’ve produced.

What works for me is just to get my backside down on a chair for a set time each day and write whether I feel like it or not. If I do that then over time I produce work one way or another and, even if it doesn’t feel all that inspired while I’m writing it I do find it forms a decent starting point and gives me something I can rewrite later on. That’s the biggest challenge isn’t it? Getting something down on the page.

I’ll be blogging less because that means I can focus on writing whatever the book turns out to be. I’ve aimed at a new post every week in 2015 but I think I will aim for one every other week this new year. I enjoy blogging and my posts do get read, I’m happy to say, so I do want to keep it up. It is a useful publicity tool for my writing too I suppose as few people would know about me or my books without it. Plus it affords me a platform which I can also use to help other writers with guest posts and interviews and that feels worthwhile too.

So you’ve not seen the back of me I will just be around a little less.

Happy new year! Tell me your writing resolutions in the comments?

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4 thoughts on “Writing Resolutions”

  1. That’s my intention too, Chris. I’m having a bit of a blogging splurge at the moment, but I’ll stop next week and cut it back to one in ten days or so. Good luck with the writing! I think getting it written first is definitely the key. You can get it right later – or write it right 🙂 Till soon!

    1. Always a balancing act isn’t it Val? In the end though producing a book has to be the most important thing for us authors despite the plethora of blogs, social media, guest posts etc wr also have to do! Have a wonderful new year.

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