Bookshop shenanigans

10421449_674248686040606_4388219743124469781_nI was in a branch of Waterstones the other day, which is the big bookshop chain in the UK, and I noticed that, where the face-out copy of J.K Rowling’s A Casual Vacancy should have been something else had appeared.

Another book was sitting there, taking the glory, and, to make things worse, it was a pretty shoddy looking book. It was skinny, barely more than a pamphlet, and it had a dull maroon cover with a white line drawing on the front. It reminded me of school text books from the 1970s. How could this cuckoo in the nest have got there? Well, I’m not Raymond Chandler, I wasn’t even in the detective fiction aisle, but I’m guessing we need look no further than the author of the ‘misplaced’ book.

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Might bookshops soon be a thing of the past?

10421449_674248686040606_4388219743124469781_nBookshops might actually disappear, imagine that. When you think about it there’s no real practical need for them to be there.

Even if we want physical books rather than electronic downloads, and I really do want a physical book I can hold in my hands, then these are readily available online through the mighty A (other online booksellers are available).

So why the need for a shop in the high street? It makes little economic sense to have it there – commercial property rental is expensive, staff wages could be saved. And aside from an extra place to buy coffee your average book shop is not offering the buyer anything that’s not just a click away.

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